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6 Must-Have Coffee Machines




6 Must-Have Coffee Machines


There is a long list of available coffee machines in the market today. Each one is better or equal to the other. Owning one depends on your budget and what method you are preferred to do when you are making that cup.

Having your own espresso machine at home, will eventually bring down your coffee budget low. If you are coffee lover, and cannot function each day without your cup of Joe, then you might want to invest in one. The initial cost would be a little bit higher, but you will see the effect in the long run.

On this article on, they listed 6 of the best must-have coffee machines in the market today. Let us all find out what is inside their list.

Six of the best coffee machines

Manual machine – ROK Espresso Maker

Not only does this ready-to-use machine create a marvellous espresso, it makes a decent work of art for your kitchen. Complete with all you’ll need to make a top-class pot of coffee – plunger, water chamber and portafilter, splitter, storage tin and stainless steel milk frother – it is an attention-grabber of the highest order.

Upper class – Bugatti Diva Coffee Machine

This Bugatti number is sure to wow your kitchen crowd. It’s a stunner – and guarantees to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino, latte or macchiato every time. With a cup warmer to boot, this is definitely one to have on show.

Pod machine – Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Easy to use and with no fuss, this small but powerful machine delivers coffee shop quality at a fraction of the price. Whether you like your cup frothy or intense, there’s a plethora of pods available – just pop one in and you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds.

Tamper, tamper – Krups XP5210 Espresso

Get yourself some top-quality coffee with this great-looking machine. An automated tamping system gives a perfect espresso every time and at the perfect temperature. Plus with a useful steam nozzle to foam up your milk, it’s a great all-rounder.

Full service – Krups EA8005 Bean to Cup

Possibly the best bean-to-cup machine on the shelves, this compact device is first class. The 15-bar pressure and adjustable water temperature make it ideal for all manner of brews. And with an integrated burr grinder, one cup just won’t be enough.

Smooth operator – Nespresso U

Cutting-edge technology combined with great looks makes this new U machine an ideal addition to any kitchen. Load up one of the many coffee capsules available and at the touch of a button, you’ve your very own home-based barista. Choose from three sizes for an authentic-tasting, hassle-free hot beverage.

Is your coffee machine on this list? What can you say about the espresso machines on this list? We would love to hear from you.

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Best Sellers Espresso Machine Under 500 Dollars




Best Home Espresso Machine Under 500

Thank you for visiting our site. Here you will be able to decide for yourself on what espresso maker is best for you. What you will find on this site is many different machines from a wide range of espresso machine manufacturers. Companies like DeLonghi, Saeco, Gaggia, Breville, and Mr. Coffee are represented on this site. So take you take and look around and do all your research here. We are confident that you will be able to find the Best Espresso Machine for You (Amazon Best Sellers Coffee Machines).

How to Choose the Best Espresso Machine?

Buying an espresso machine from your home or office can be somewhat of a difficult task if you don’t know what you are looking for. The biggest Espressione Espresso Machine thing is costs. Since you are on this site, you are looking to spend less then $500 on your new machine. Let’s look at some basic math. Say you go to your local coffee shop 5 times a week;

The average cost for a specialty drink from one of these locations is right around $3.50.

At 5 times a week, you would be looking at 260 visits per year.

The total cost of your espresso drink would be $910.

So if you spend $500 on a brand new espresso machine, it would pay for itself in about 7 months. Not too bad.


What to Look for in an Espresso Machine?

You can start by looking at the water capacity. Make sure that you get a machine that will handle the amount of water that you want to place in the reservoir. There is nothing worse then having to constantly re-fill the machine. It is better to go to big then too small. Make sure you new machine is durable (Amazon Best Sellers Espresso Machine & Coffeemaker Combos).

Many of the espresso machines on the market today are made with stainless steel or high quality plastic. The more you skimp on the design, the cheaper the construction and you will end up replacing the machine in a year or 2. Don’t shy away from plastic models. They aren’t made of cheap plastic so if you are on a budget, the plastic models might be the way to go. The stainless steel models are very nice and will go with any decor. It is really up to you as to what espresso model that is right for you.

You also need to make sure the size will fit the countertop or table space that you intent to place it on. There is nothing worse then spending $500 on an espresso machine only to find out that it won’t fit on your counter. That can be very frustrating so make sure you measure out the space requirements and that you check it with the specifications of the espresso machine that you intend on buying.

Make sure that the machine is easy to clean. The biggest issue with these machines is scale build up. So if you are going to spend $500 on a machine, cleaning it isn’t only recommended, but required. Most user manuals will give the recommended cleaning schedule for the machine Saeco Espresso Machine but most will suggest a cleaning every 30 days.

If you think you are ready to buy a machine and have found the best espresso machine then you need to know where to buy it. One thing I would suggest is to buy it online somewhere. Many retailers such as Amazon offer free shipping and there costs are much cheaper then going someplace local. Yes waiting for your machine from Amazon (or any other online retailer) can be a hassle, you will be happy you did with the cost savings that you have incurred.

In a nutshell, just do your homework prior to buying. Find websites that have actual customer reviews and read them. Make an educated decision and you will be enjoying a fresh, hot espresso in no time.

Looking for the right machine, but need to stick to your tight budget? This video for you.

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Automatic espresso maker and milk frother




Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother

If you like the convenience of Nespresso capsules, this compact machine is packed with thoughtful design features


Our Review

Are you looking for an intuitive espresso maker that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars? Then give attention to the Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker. This small and compact machine comes with an Aeroccino milk frother, something worth $100 in value. This add-on makes the purchase a great buy, and you can enjoy a high-quality espresso maker. The machine has automatic memorization based on which size drink you make the most: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. The espresso maker heats up quickly and is very simple to use; just drop in the capsule, push the button and your drink will be up in minutes. Whether you’re looking for something simple for the office or the home, the U D50 will be the perfect fit.

Key Features

Dimensions: 14.5 x 4.5 x 9.8 inches; 6.6 pounds
Color: Black
Pressure: 19-bars
Features: rapid one-touch preparation for hot or cold milk, 25-second preheat time, automatic memorization, magnetic drip tray, light indicators, holds 12 capsules, auto shut-off

Includes: 27-ounce water tank, Aeroccino Plus milk frother

What are the Pros?

Right off the bat, you’re getting a great product with great reviews and a reasonable price tag when you invest in the Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker. This machine is stylish and compact, finished off with a sleek black color. It includes an Aeroccino milk frother, a magnetic cup holder and a generously sized water tank. The machine is designed to be used with Nespresso capsules, and reviewers rave about the quality and full-bodied taste of the capsules.

Another unique feature to the U D50 is the automatic memorization of the three cup sizes. There is a light indicator that lets you know when the water tank needs to be filled, auto shut-off and 19-bars of pump pressure. Because the purchase comes with the milk frother and rapid one-touch preparation for hot and cold milk, you’re getting a steal with this product. Plus, it’s easy enough to use that you can keep the espresso machine at work or a vacation home.

What are the Cons?

Like other Nespresso machines, you must keep in mind that you need to use the Nespresso capsules in order to enjoy the U D50. They will be a continued investment, but since each cup comes out perfect, you’ll never waste any of your ingredients, or your time for that matter. Another downside is that this machine is not instantly intuitive. With other machines, you can program the buttons to what you like, but with the U D50, the machine learns from your actions. For example, there are three buttons to press, one for a cup of espresso, a standard cup of espresso and lungo. Depending on which button you press the most, the machine will then remember that size.

How Does it Compare to Other Nespresso Espresso Makers?

The highly popular DeLonghi Lattissima Plus uses Nespresso capsules and is a more expensive item to consider. It’s worth the cost if the following factors are important to you: a stainless steel exterior as opposed to shiny black exterior, illuminated control panel buttons and a unique single touch hot milk system. Even though this product has received excellent reviews, if you’re on a budget, you’ll appreciate the economical price of the U D50, which also includes the Aeroccino milk frother that costs $100 itself. Nevertheless, both are great options at a good price point and produce the same results.

A less expensive alternative is the Nespresso Essenza that delivers 19-bars of pressure, holds 14 capsules and delivers 1260-watts of power. For the price, it’s a great little machine. However, you’re getting more for the money with the U D50, including a memory-saving function, much larger water tank and high-quality milk frother. These features are worth the extra money spent, even if you are on a budget.

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A Coffee Bean Roaster will Produce Amazing Coffee




Enjoy the great taste of your own freshly roaster coffee beans using an automatic Coffee Bean Roaster.

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I would like to welcome you to my home coffee roasters site. If you are like me, I will bet you just love the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. There is nothing better, in my opinion to get your day off to a great start.

Now my quest to find the perfect cup of coffee finally led me to roast my own green coffee beans. If you buy quality branded roasted coffee beans you can get good coffee but nothing in comparison to your own home roasted. This is because the flavor of the coffee peaks from 24 hours to 7 days after roasting. So to get the perfect coffee it is necessary to roast your own and to do this efficiently I found that you need a home coffee roaster.

Now it’s possible to roast coffee beans without a special coffee bean roaster. When I started out, I used a pan to roast the green beans, and it does work. However, there is quiet a bit of skill involved and the first time or two you try this it may not work out. This is because it is difficult to know how long you need to roast them for, and you also need to turn them frequently to avoid burning them. It can also be difficult to get the flavor you require because it is difficult to control the heat accurately.

The answer is to get a dedicated home coffee roaster.  With a dedicated roaster, you can automate the roasting process and avoid the problems associated with using equipment not designed for the operation. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and are simple to use and take all the hassle out of the roasting process.

Buying a Coffee Bean Roaster

I purchased a Nesco coffee roaster machine, and I am very happy with it. I get this model because it can roast 5ozs at a time and has pre-set digital controls, which automatically roasts and cools the beans at the touch of a button. It also has a catalytic converter built in which significantly reduces the odors and smoke you normally get with home roasting coffee. This is must have for any true coffee connoisseur.


Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster

There are many home coffee roasters on the market ranging from about $80 to $700 and like everything else, the quality and features available depend on the price you pay.
You can review a range of quality roasters at Amazon.

One thing I know for sure is that once you start roasting your own coffee you will never go back to buy roasted beans. There is just no comparison in the flavor you get from freshly home roasted coffee. Now I can enjoy a truly great cup of coffee each morning thanks to finding a great source of green coffee beans and my own coffee bean roaster.

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